Mechanical & Piping Engineering

We provide comprehensive mechanical and piping engineering services to clients in Chennai and Coimbatore. Our services include:

  • Piping Engineering: We offer a wide range of piping engineering services, including piping and equipment layout, 3D modeling of equipment and piping, piping isometric drawings and support, piping stress and flexibility analysis, and MTO for pipes, fittings, and valves.
  • Mechanical Engineering: We also provide mechanical engineering services, such as preparation of mechanical data sheets, preparation of equipment specifications, mechanical design and failure analysis, GA drawings and fabrication drawings, and procurement assistance.
  • Process Engineering: We offer process engineering services, such as optimum size of equipment and piping, selection of cost and time effective models, slim and trim control system, ergonomically efficient and safe plant layout, 3D plant modeling, clash checking, brown field engineering, tendering, BOQ, design basis report, schedule and planning, isometric drawings, isometric as-built drawings, and brown field modifications.
  • Brownfield engineering: We specialize in the modification and refurbishment of existing plant and equipment. This includes tasks such as the design and installation of new piping systems, the upgrade of existing equipment, and the decommissioning of obsolete plant.
  • Tendering: We can assist you with the preparation of tender documents, the evaluation of bids, and the negotiation of contracts.
  • BOQ: We can prepare a bill of quantities for your project, which will detail the scope of work, the materials required, and the labor hours involved.
  • Design Basis Report: We can prepare a design basis report for your project, which will document the project’s requirements, the design approach, and the safety considerations.
  • Schedule and planning: We can develop a schedule and plan for your project, which will identify the critical path, the milestones, and the resources required.
  • Isometric drawings: We can produce isometric drawings of your project, which will provide a detailed view of the piping system.
  • Isometric as-built drawings: We can produce isometric as-built drawings of your project, which will document the final configuration of the piping system.
  • Brownfield modifications: We can modify existing piping systems to meet new requirements. This includes tasks such as the addition of new lines, the removal of old lines, and the modification of existing valves and fittings.

We have a team of experienced engineers with a proven track record in delivering high-quality engineering services. We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service, and we are confident that we can meet your needs.

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Benefits of our services:

  • High-quality engineering services: We have a team of experienced engineers with a proven track record in delivering high-quality engineering services.
  • Competitive pricing: We offer our services at competitive prices.
  • Flexible terms and conditions: We are flexible in our terms and conditions, and we are willing to work with you to find a solution that meets your needs.
  • Reliable and timely delivery: We are committed to delivering our services in a reliable and timely manner.

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